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Adrenaline Bug Jr 3.5" (8 Pack)

Adrenaline Bug Jr 3.5" (8 Pack)

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Adrenaline Junkie? Tie on the X Zone Pro Series Adrenaline Bug Jr and feel the RUSH.

Like its bigger brother , the 4" Adrenaline Bug, the  3.5" Adrenaline Bug Jr. is designed to provide a great beaver style creature bait presentation that is great for both bass and walleye fishing. The floating qualities found in this bait make it perfect for the ned rig.

The soft body and floating claws make this bait irresistible to bass. Once they feel this soft bait in their mouth - they will not let go. The specialized plastic, super fine salt and scent infused formula used to make the Adrenaline Bug allows the claws to float at rest, mimicking the defensive stance of a real crayfish. All of these exceptional features produce a creature bait that swims, hops and undulates in the water creating a NEW unique sonic signature and vibration that BASS LOVE!!!

The Adrenaline Bug Jr is extremely versatile. It is available in proven fish catching colors to cover a wide variety of applications, including ned rig, flipping, pitching and punching.

Most Popular Techniques

  • Ned Rigging
  • Flipping
  • Pitching
  • Punching

Most Popular Rigging

  • Ned Rig 
  • Texas Rig
  • Jig Trailer


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Customer Reviews

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Roman Rausch
My Favorite Soft Plastic Lure

I got a pack of the 3.5” purple shadow adrenaline bugs in a mystery tackle box recently and ever since it’s been my go to trailer for a lot of my chatter-baits and jigs. This soft plastic bait is by far my favorite, I probably caught 20-30 fish on one adrenaline bug that I was using as a trailer on a chatter-bait before I had to switch it out for a new one.