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Swammer 4" (6 Pack)

Swammer 4" (6 Pack)

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Buy the X Zone Pro Series 4" Swammer for proven fish catching design and features.

Made with our innovative rib design, soft curved ribbed sides, a unique three-dimensional paddle tail with a keel shaped body creating a unique sonic vibration making fish strike and hold on! Whether it is slowly reeled over deep structure or burned over grassbeds it won’t roll over due to its unique body design. The Pro Series Swammer can also be rigged on a football head or shakey head presentation and it will stand up to mimic a bottom feeding minnow or baitfish.

It is perfectly suited for a wide-range of applications at any level of the water column, like swim jigs, umbrella rigs, vibrating jigs, weighted or non-weighted swimbait hooks, and football heads. Fish it weightless and weedless over thick vegetation or cast under docks for BIG BASS. Fish it with hook sizes 4/0 – 6/0 for best hook up ratio. Made with our Exclusive X Zone Scent and Superfine Salt.

Fish for a wide variety of species such as bass, walleye, pike, musky, redfish and many more.

Most Popular Techniques

  • Swim Jig
  • Vibrating Jig
  • Straight Retrieve
  • Jigging

Most Popular Rigging

  • Underspin
  • Swimbait Head
  • Swimbait Hook
  • Swim Jig Trailer
  • A Rig
  • Foot Ball Head


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ryan Lemmon
Swim Jigs Never Worked Better

Love this as a swim jig trailer!! The flat top round bottom give it the slight roll on retrieve, giving it a good secondary action with the skirt!

Aden Howell
Best swimmer on the market

I love these swammers. I have a variety of these in the 4" version and have had great luck with these attached to a jig head, to a skirted swim jig, and as a trailer on both a spinnerbaits and chatterbaits. You will NOT be disappointed! IG @fishingwithaden

Wesley Petticrew
The best swimbait you can use

Perfection in every bait they make!

Michael G

Absolutely love the 4 inch paddle tail . I use them with a 3/0 screw lock hook that weighs 3/16 of an ounce and they swim great . They are also super durable and I have caught multiple fish on one bait without any tears and the tail is still intact .


I use these along the socal harbors and surf for halibut and seabass and they cannot stay away. Great action and very durable