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Punisher Punch Craw 3.5" (8 Pack)

Punisher Punch Craw 3.5" (8 Pack)

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No matter how matted the vegetation or thick and tangled the timber is, deliver a knockout. Use X Zone Pro Series Punisher Punch Craw for Big Bass Results!

The Punisher Punch Craw has a durable, soft, super fine salt-impregnated body, with a unique ribbed thick body and 3 rows of forward facing appendages followed by claws that offer a realistic texture that Bass Hold On To! This specialized design and formula allows the bait to slip cleanly in and out of the cover with ease. The compact profile and design of the X Zone Punisher Punch Craw makes it perfect for flipping, pitching, punching matted vegetation, pads, tullies, cane and wood.

The X Zone Punisher Punch Craw has a V-groove line running down the middle of the under body to help you center your hook for the presentation you pick and also helps you get a solid hook set every time. The conical shape on the top of the body allows for any style or type of bullet weight to fit securely against the body resulting in a compact presentation that will go through the thickest of cover. This unique compact design allows anglers to use lighter weights to penetrate cover and trigger more strikes!

Most Popular Techniques

  • Flipping
  • Pitching
  • Punching

Most Popular Rigging

  • Texas Rig 
  • Punching Rig
  • Jig Trailer

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
John polly
Excellent product

Excellent product and great service and very impressed by the company

Great bait trailer multipurpose

I use it with my jigs or on a Texas rig setup .
Very strong long lasting bait lots of good looking colors.